About Subscriptions

Some content and features of the application are available only by subscription or at an extra cost (In-App Purchase). Immediately after installing the app, the user has free access to all basic content and application functionality. The free version may contain additional restrictions, advertisements, and calls to switch to the full application version.

With the MAX subscription, the user can unlock access to all Euforia content, open the various features described in the app and get more bonuses and updates.

Each built-in purchase in the app describes its specific benefits and cost. For individual subscriptions, an introductory period may apply. All information about the subscription, the selection of the period, price, promotional offer, and the choice of a specific subscription is made on a special "subscription" screen inside the application.

Any purchases provide only access to content for a specific subscription period or forever but do not entitle it to commercial use or any distribution of materials, including making copies, modifying images, copying text, etc. Content is for personal use only.

Please note that any purchases are linked to your Apple ID or Google account. Thus, you can use purchases only on devices of the same operating system and with one active account.

The following rules apply:

The Euforia mobile app for iOS uses the official Apple In-App Purchase payment method. For Android, the Euforia mobile app uses the official Google Play Billing method. More information on In-App Purchase Policies, cancellation of subscriptions, refunds, and other issues related to In-App purchases can be found in the relevant sections on the official Apple (https://support.apple.com/billing) and Google (https://support.google.com/googleplay/?#topic=3364264) websites.