About Euforia
About Euforia

About Euforia

They say you shouldn't get into stress if you don't know how to get out of it. Despite the humorous premise, this is partly true. Causes of nervous and physical exhaustion are associated with excessive emotional and mental stress. Euforia is designed to help you cope with life's challenges and gain the skills to make this process possible and enjoyable. With Euforia, you can reduce the impact of stress on your life, develop personal qualities, learn how to fully relax in a short time, and improve your physical and emotional state.


– Get virtual support with Daily Vibes during the day and in the evenings – tenderness, acceptance, and care.

– Here are hundreds of sound scenes and journeys through the personalized "worlds" of Euforia are waiting for you, immersing you in a state of pleasure and relaxation.

– Guided meditations are available for you. With them, you can, without making any effort, improve your emotional state and strengthen your self-confidence.

– Those who want to improve their physical condition and feel good will certainly be interested in a set of basic yoga classes.

– In popular articles by psychologists-experts, you can find answers to your questions.

– Euforia helps Ukraine during the war and provides free access to special content in Ukrainian. Here you can find answers to questions related to the safety of children and the elderly during the war, contacts of services and organizations assisting the population, etc.


Everyone faces life circumstances that are difficult to cope with. While experiencing constant anxiety, the human body spends too many resources and is quickly depleted. This leads to poor health, a severe emotional state, and an acute feeling of loneliness. In such situations, it is important to know that you are not alone, understand, and are ready to support. The Euforia app is designed to give you that kind of support and be useful to you at any time of the day. Its capabilities are aimed at improving the physical, moral, and emotional state. Well, the gentle and tender voices of Euforia will only add to your pleasure from evening meetings.

Euforia – SELF-HELP

The modern world is full of stress factors that affect us in one way or another. Negative emotions and strong experiences that affect health are what stress leads to. We all know you regularly need to wash and brush your teeth to be physically healthy, but what about mental hygiene? The psyche also needs to be "washed" and "brushed" regularly! Euforia is a whole range of tools designed for quick self-help and effective improvement of both physical and emotional states. It should not be forgotten that stress resistance, self-confidence, and a good emotional state depending on how you use self-regulation techniques.


Not getting along with loved ones? Lost the meaning of life, and nothing pleases? Lacking self-confidence or are you in a crisis? Or maybe you are hindered by constant anxiety and high levels of stress? The Euforia app has everything you need and will help you find answers to questions and change the situation. With Euforia, you will learn simple self-help and emotional self-regulation techniques, better understand your needs, receive unconditional support and acceptance, and learn how to react in a new way in difficult situations. With Euforia, you will have the skills and abilities to change what you want to change in your life and get the result you want.

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